Saddle up

So tonight I managed to knit up both saddles on Vivian (or rather 3 saddles since I completed the right saddle twice!) Now I can completely try on the sweater and see how it’s fitting around the shoulders. It appears I could have probably left out an entire repeat in the arms…wow who knew my arms were that short? 🙂 The boy seems to think all will be well once I sew in the under arms and the zipper. I hope he’s right! You should have seen the face he made when I jokingly said that I would just shrink up the arms a bit by sticking them in hot water. 😀 I do very much like this sweater. All I have left is three rows on the neck and about 52 rows of hood. Woohoo… 😀

Oh yeah, hood, hmm I s’pose I will have to make a decision on that sometime tomorrow. Good night!

Vivia with saddles

PS – Wow! Does this sweater generate some heat. This is going to be awesome for those very chilly spring and autumn nights!

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