Keep on truckin’

Knit night tonight was quite productive. I am 27 rows away from  finishing the second Vivian sleeve. Hooray! Knit night was also super crowded which was great. We haven’t had this kind of attendance in awhile. It was quite lovely to see all the familiar faces as well as some new ones. Oh that wheel? Something has come up, I need to keep the cash on hand for a bit. It’s funny, I am rarely reluctant to buy something I want and that’s how it was with this wheel. Clearly *someone* was trying to let me know the cash had another purpose. No worries, I shall get one in due time. Mwahaha.

I think tom’w night will be another movie night and I will try to get the yoke going on Vivian. Then I think there will be some cleaning in order for this weekend and possibly some sewing. 🙂 Then of course, Sunday is filled with Easter festivities. Hmm other than that, I got nothing. Have a good night. 😀

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