Well if my happiness about my house being mostly clean would fill a blog post I would be done today. 😉 However, I don’t think that will sway y’all too much. In other news we finally filed our city tax returns (2 a piece – hooray for moving!) That’s one more thing crossed off our to do list. I am finding it a little easier to complete household chores and such after dinner now that we aren’t sucked into the boob tube. I bet if we really wanted to rid ourselves of distractions we would have to get rid of the Internet. 😉 There’s so much that you can get online that you don’t need to pay premium prices for cable. In fact the boy just watched both shows that he missed last night while we were playing cards using Hulu.

In crafty news there has been a moderate influx of yarn to my house. Those will hopefully be photographed and documented soon. 🙂 I think my next big knitting task will be to get Vivian finished by mid April and then cast on a project with my Shelridge Farm. I keep going back and forth on what I want to make with it. I was going to make these socks but I haven’t cast on yet. Then I contemplated making this top but I wasn’t sure I had a good contrasting yarn for the middle bit. So I have 3 skeins in the turquoise colorway which equals about 600 yds and I am totally stumped as to what to make. Any ideas? I would like to find a project that would use up most of the yarn in a top for me. It’s superwash so no felting. Oh and I would like to also not have to buy more yarn. 🙂

One more peek through my queue and it looks like I would have enough yarn to make this shawl. The question is do I truly want a bright blue shawl? Oh and it was originally purchased for this top but I can’t decide if I will wear it. 😉 I am such a putz about this yarn. Can’t you see the need for assistance? 😀

Ok two more patterns to consider Green Gable and Fern Fitted Shell. I swear no more posting tonight. 😉

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