Family fun

Today is my Mom’s birthday. We went over to my parents’ house after work to celebrate. Dad brought home chicken, cake and ice cream. It was fun just sitting around the table chatting with everyone. My niece provided for much comic relief and goofing off. As long as she was sitting in my lap she would play with the boy until they both tired. For some reason she doesn’t seem to care for him holding her, I think she’s crazy. 😉 I always like it when he holds me. She’s sitting up on her own now and starting to roll over and bear weight on her feet. It’s neat to watch her development.

As for the birthday gal. She got a sentimental Precious Moment from Dad and seemed to enjoy having people around to talk to. 😉 She’s gonna go stir crazy by the end of her four weeks of rest. Note that I said it here first. 😉 Oh and Dad’s birthday was last Friday, the day of Mom’s surgery. We celebrated his birthday in the hospital room and then again on Saturday. How cute is that they are only 6 days apart? 😀

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