Bikram Yoga

Last night I attended a Bikram Yoga class in Alexandria. My good chum asked me to go with her and I figured I may as well try a different style of yoga to make up for the fact that I am missing two yoga classes while I am on the road. Holy cow. I knew it would be hot, but I didn’t think it would bother my system as much as it did. Part of it was my fault for not eating enough during the day to really give my body the fuel it needed for this kind of intense work out. There were times that I was greatly concerned I was going to hurl. So I would sit down and cool off a bit and then get back into the poses. Some of the things the instructor was telling us to do like locking your knees sounded very counter intuitive to me. Especially with my body already a little upset I didn’t want to lock my knees and risk passing out. I very much missed the styles of yoga that I am familiar with, that have lots of modifications for the poses and that really expect you to just be where you are. I also didn’t care for the instructor. Ahh well. I definitely got a work out. I was covered in sweat and roasting by the time I got out from the 90 min class. I can now cross it off my list as having tried it and can comfortably go back to my yoga classes knowing what I am not missing. 😉 Plus they didn’t have any of the fun inversions! I love inversions. 😀

I will say the best part of the class though was getting to hang out with a dear friend that I haven’t seen in a while since we are both serendipitously in the same city right now! 🙂

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