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Last Monday when I quarantined my current knitting projects I decided to finally cast on the Leyburn socks I had been wanting to make. I figured they would tide me over while the problem with my current WIPs was sorted out. I thought it would take me a couple weeks and would give me something to knit on during my current business trip. Little did I know that these socks knit up lickity split fast. The first sock was done in about 4 days. I cast on for the second sock at the airport on Saturday. I knit on it until I finally passed out on the airplane. At that point I had already begun the leg.

Leyburn Sock #2

Description: Traveling Leyburns
Pattern: Leyburn Socks
Yarn used: .6 skeins of Woolly Boully Meanie Sock in the Sunflowers, Texas field of Colorway (Wool, Nylon ) 100g / 440yds
Care Instructions: Machine wash cold
Needle Size: US 2 (2.75mm)
Modifications: I made the leg a little bit shorter than the called for length. I also knit my toe using the steps from Ann Budd’s On Your Toes sock. I also did my short row heel using the method from the On Your Toes sock.
Finished Size: US ladies’ size 7
Date Started: 2/23/2009
Date Completed: 3/2/2009
Notes: none

Leyburn Socks (the one on the left was worn for a day)

Leyburn Sock #1

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