making a dent

There’s a thread in the Stash and Burn Groupies forum on Ravelry about how many yards one knits on average a year. I had been following it for a couple days and well curiosity got the better of me. Alas, you can not download your projects on Ravelry into an excel spreadsheet as you can with your stash. So I sorted my projects into a list and started with the item cast on January 1, 2008. Turns out I didn’t have any carry over in my projects from year to year. That’s a shock in and of itself to me. At any rate it turns out that I knit somewhere over 10,000 yards last year. Or rather that I had 10,000 yards knit into FOs. There were a couple other knits for swatches that are still laying around. 10,000 seems like such a big number but really when you knit a couple adult sized sweaters, throw in a large blanket and a couple pairs of socks. Well it adds up quickly.

Seeing those numbers makes me realize that my stash is only 4.7 yrs worth 😉 and that I really do stand a good chance of making a sizeable dent in my stash by MDSW. The leyburn sock #1 will be cast off tomorrow. I have also packed away some odd balls of yarn to take with me on holiday. I have a number of quick projects all requiring somewhere around 100 yds that I plan to knit up. The small projects also tend to add up quickly and it feels so great to get them done quickly. 😀

How many yards/meters did you knit last year?

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