So for those of you sitting on the edge of your seat. We’ve decided that my entire stash isn’t contaminated because the new yarn simply wasn’t in the house long enough or anywhere near the whole stash to infect it. The yarn in question was opened up and examined for any additional larvae or egg clusters. I didn’t see any of the above but then I was told I may not be able to see the eggs depending on yarn color. All questionable yarn is in the freezer individually packaged in Ziploc bags. I am aware that my freezer isn’t cold enough to actually kill eggs but I am hoping to quarantine it until I have enough time to build my moth hospital. I have a chest in our spare bedroom that doesn’t house anything but sheets for the bunk beds. I will be putting the sheets on a shelf and putting moth balls and some spray from the hardware store in the chest along with the contaminated yarns.

I won’t be working on Vivian or Vixen for probably two weeks at the soonest. Which is fine, I have decided to work on the two pairs of socks I had lined up for myself after the sweater and camisole were complete. I am also going to begin the baby knitting. 4 babies are due in my life. They always come in droves don’t they? The good news about all the baby knitting is that it has given me a starting point for a problem I didn’t know I had until this moth scare.

The moth scare now has me wanting to knit down my stash and get it into manageable airtight clear bins instead of being all on display out in the open. I went on Ravelry and downloaded the excel spreadsheet of my stash and found that I have 192 balls of yarns in my stash. Which doesn’t include the about 10 balls of yarn I got over the weekend. It does however include partial skeins. 🙂 I also added up my yardage and it appears that I have around 44k yards of stash left. It’s clearly time for some stash busting and I would like to make a size-able dent before Maryland Sheep and Wool (MDSW) so I can be justified in buying yarn there. Although in my defense I have currently knit up half of the yarn I bought at MDSW last year and over the next week I will cast on a project with another purchase from MDSW. So my goal for this year is to find a way to knit up somewhere between 50 and 75 of those skeins. That’s doable right? Or am I just a mad woman? 😉

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