under attack

I know I promised an update to Sticks N Stitches today but I am sorry that’s going to have to wait another day or so. Right now I need your help. I found a little white larvae on a new skein of yarn today – this yarn came into my home on Friday evening from a friend and was not near the Sticks N Stitches stuff for anyone who is wondering. 😉

It was however in my knitting bag and on my carpet and came with a giant bag of fabric. The yarns and projects are now in ziploc bags in the freezer and the fabric is in the garage. (It’s still below freezing around these parts.) Uh now what?

Have any of you experienced a moth infestation and know what to do? I would like to be sure that these skeins are no longer infected before I continue knitting on the garments. I know there is something about making sure there are no more eggs and such. I also need to let the person who gave me the yarn know but I would like to be able to give them a solution rather than just a massive problem. Thanks for any advice you can offer!

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