Gutters – Before

Today I called the company we decided to go with for our gutter covers. We got everything straightened out I finished the paper work, wrote a check and stuck it in the mail. About 2.5 minutes later their installer called to say he was on my side of town today and would stop and grab the contract if I wanted and clean my gutters while he was here. Talk about speedy service. So below you will see a lovely before photo. I got busy at work and forgot to take an after photo until it was too dark. But imagine nothing in the gutters. 🙂 I will show you an after once the covers are on.

dirty filthy full gutters

This particular junction is outside my bathroom window. I see those leaves! I know they need to be cleaned out but until recently it was too icy to be on the roof. My inner perfectionist will be happy to see those gutters empty until they put the covers on them. One less bit of clutter in my day. Now do you think they could come clean out my office? 😉

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