I should be going to bed soon but instead I will stay up until I finish knitting up this skein of yarn. I am working on finishing skein #6 for Vivian. 10 more to go. I do really feel like this is knitting up quickly now that I am in the groove. Twice, I missed a decrease row but I was able to add it in a row or 2 later and it still worked out so that makes me happy. I truly would prefer not to rip. 😉

Today was another busy busy day. We went to the grocery store on my brother’s side of town, stopped by the Quilt shop and then picked up my brother from church. He wanted to come over and help with the goodie bags for Sticks N Stitches. He graciously helped us put the groceries away and then the three of us tackled the sub assembly that needed to be completed before everyone else showed up. Once we were done with that I let him go play Mario Kart with the boy and friends. The ladies showed up and we all set to work. It only took us about 45 minutes to get all the bags stuffed as everyone worked at lightning pace. 🙂 After that we sat around and knit while chuckling at the periodic cheering coming up from the basement. Apparently Mario Kart was quite fun today. 😉

I then proceeded to spend the rest of my evening knitting on Vivian. This sweater is really moving along. Oh and the boy’s computer may be fixed. (cross your fingers). We still can’t get the ethernet port to work but I happened to have a wireless card laying around so we hooked that up to install his updates with. I think starting tom’w some photographs may show back up on this blog. 🙂

Have a great night.

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