Yoga and Windows XP update

So on the agenda for this week – wash my stanky stanky yoga mat. I also need to wash those feet socks. I meant to start laundry this morning but the change in temperatures is making me sleepy so my socks weren’t clean in time for class. When I went to do a bridge one of my feet actually slipped out from under me and I may have uttered sh*t. Soo…yeah. I did a rather nice bridge off the slippery mat and just on the gym floor. I really do like the way I feel when I do yoga. Especially when everything kind of “snap, crackle, pops” into place. My current instructor is also very pro Pilates so she has us doing some Pilates moves that focus on the core. Oy! It’s not a giant secret that my core is totally out of whack. That’s pretty much why I started yoga to begin with. I talked to her after class about what I can do to build up to some of the leg movements.

When I got home from yoga the boy was stuck on installing his new hard drive that showed up today. I came to his rescue by mashing a bunch of buttons until the computer bent to my will and finally recognized his hard drive. Now it’s partitioning so it can install Windows XP. Soooo much fun. 🙂 Hopefully soon his computer will be up and running and this laptop will be mine, all mine, once again. 😀

Have a great night!

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