Happy Birthday to me

For those of you that don’t know 27 years ago last night there was a rather large ice storm in Frankfort Kentucky. Then 27 years ago today my mom almost fell down the driveway trying to get to the hospital for a rather tardy child that had finally decided to come out into the world.

Last night the boy and a few of my chums lured me to a Japanese restaurant where we chowed down on sushi and traditional Japanese fare. It was really sweet and a total surprise. I even got to open presents. 🙂 The boy got me a super cool digital photo frame. As soon as I finish this blog post I will be working on filling it up with pictures we actually want to look at. 😉 I also received all kinds of wonderful birthday wishes on Raverly today. Since, I don’t have much else to add I am off to play with my photos. Have a great night everyone.

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