January Check In

Below is my list of tasks to complete for January.

  1. Knit half of Vivian – I haven’t knit anything beyond what I initially knit at the very beginning of the month.
  2. Knit all of Forest Vixen – I have knit all the body and am on hold until I can find an appropriate yarn for the top.
  3. Knit a minimum of 2 burial buntings and 2 preemie hats by the end of January, no later than Feb 15th. – This one is super close to being finished. I will be casting on preemie hat #2 today and it should be off the needles no later than Sunday night.
  4. Learn to crochet well enough to make a Ninja. Should be completed by Feb 14. If not then by Sept 5th. – Hmm this is looking more and more like a Sept 5th project. 🙂
  5. Finish sewing bags – I sewed one and posted pictures of it here. If I have time this weekend I will do the 2nd one or it will be done on Feb 16th.
  6. Sew Andy’s table runners – this one gets to go into February – Ha! Don’t tell Andy I am a terrible terrible chum. Hopefully he will forgive me.
  7. Locate that friend of mine that moved to another country and disappeared. Mass e-mailing is in order.I found her! Or rather she called me. But now we have spoken twice. That’s actually very exciting and I am glad it was accomplished! 😀
  8. If I can get everything in 1-7 (except maybe #6) done then I s’pose I should finish off my quilt. 🙂 – 1-7 wasn’t completed so I am off the hook on this one
  9. Cast on a pair of socks for me. – Soon, I promise soon!
  10. Knit up that pair of socks that’s been on the needles too long. Hmm this one can have until March. – These are being tossed into my knitting bag today so they should start seeing some progress soon.

Ha! I am always so ambitious with my to do lists. Not that I couldn’t have finished the tasks above but I had almost a two week period where I just did.not. feel like knitting. Blasphemy I know. 🙂 However, during my non-knitting days I did accomplish other eye twitching tasks around the home. I am starting to get the desire to knit back. It’s only slightly hindered by some long standing WIPs that I really need to get off the needles one way or the other.

In other things that I did accomplish:

  1. I built a table with the boy.
  2. I cleaned my office.
  3. We did the preliminary round on our taxes. Just waiting for a couple forms to show up so we can verify our numbers.
  4. I renewed the registration on my car and got the lien taken off at the BMV.
  5. I met up with an old chum for dinner.
  6. I delivered all but 1 Christmas gift.
  7. I blogged every day in January.
  8. I finally went on one of the hikes being organized around the region.
  9. I organized most of this year’s Sticks N Stitches event with the Columbus Blue Jackets which includes securing some splendid door prizes and goody bag donations!
  10. I only fell down once and bought yarn! 😀
  11. I diagnosed the boy’s ailing computer.
  12. I began my service with Big Brothers Big Sisters and hung out with my little 4 times. 😀
  13. I also read a book! I have gotten away from my reading because of “life being busy.” Yes that’s a lame excuse and we all know what excuses are like and how people feel about hearing them… So I have decided to push myself to read one book every month this year. If I can accomplish that I may well be on my way to getting back into reading! That would make me a happy girl. 😀

I ‘d say that’s not too shabby! 🙂

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