WIP – Forest Vixen

I have knit my Vixen camisole as far as I can at this point. The next step is to join a chunky (ish) yarn and knit a ribbed portion across the top. Once I join the yarn I get to drop all the stitches so that this cami will have a fighting chance of actually fitting me! 😉 I thought I had a complimentary yarn to knit the top portion of the camisole but alas that particular yarn would look wretched with this. Now I need to find a yarn to match the Tilli Tomas Voile de la Mer I used on the body portion. I was thinking of maybe pulling out the brown or dark green for the top. Any thoughts?

body of Forest Vixen

Here’s a close up of the yarn with some good sun light. The colors are a bit darker in the camisole. I am not sure if they will lighten up once I drop the stitches.

close up of yarn

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