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Today the boy and I got up super early to head to the DMV and get tags for his truck and renew my registration. Then we spent a fun four hours at his parents’ house dreaming up projects for our house and chatting. We finally hightailed it out of there around 12:30pm so we could get home to work on our project for the day. Last week sometime I saw this post on Little House in the Suburbs about a folding table they had made for their laundry room. I kept the tab open and showed it to the boy. Last weekend we went out and bought some MDF, wood glue, casters and self adhesive tiles. This afternoon we set to work. I took down the Christmas lights while the boy cut the wood. 😉 I also helped a little with cutting the wood but man it was cold outside. Then we brought it all into the basement and assembled it. We modified it a bit making it 2′ and tiling the lower shelf. Now we have a lovely 2′ x 4′ folding table with a shelf on wheels. This will be quite helpful when doing laundry and blocking my hand knits. I think we could even get away with using it as a buffet cart for any future parties in our basement. 😀 Check out the pics:

Full shot of the cart

Shot of the bottom shelf

Close up of the tile pattern

Of course now I have ideas for other things I can build around the house. 😉 Like a board that can be folded in half to use when cutting fabric. And there would be handles and hmm… I should see what I can get done! 🙂

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