After a moderately productive weekend I can now see the floor in my closet. Super exciting. I can also see about 98% of the floor in my office. The rest that’s covered is filing that needs to be done and a random assortment of objects that I need to dream up a storage space for. Getting work done this week should be a lot easier as I will be able to see my desk top and not be distracted by the clutter. I also finally found a shelf for by the front door to store all our winter outerwear and the boy’s motorcycle winter gear. We each have our own bin because apparently we really do have that many hats, gloves and scarves. I think the next big task will be cleaning out clothing and outwear to give to goodwill or other charities. Does anyone know of a good place to donate gently used coats? I think I may have a few to part with.

Someday I will take pictures of the inside of our house so you can see all my hard work 😉 and because someone keeps asking for pictures. I have tomorrow off for the most part since it’s Martin Luther King day. I plan to hang with my little, clean up the last bits in the craft room (aka Office) and do some spot cleaning in my bedroom. I will need to put in a couple hours at work. Hopefully I will get enough put away that after working I can finally sit down and get some sewing done.

Have a great week!

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