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My sister was the last one in my immediate family to receive anything hand knit from me. Her daughter was on gift number three and yet I was still searching for something that my sister would actually want. I saw the thrummed mittens somewhere on Ravelry and it finally clicked. She would wear these and they’re the right amount of fun and silliness for her life. Of course I decided to knit these just over a week before Christmas. I had finished the rest of my Christmas knitting and was putting on the finishing touches for my Christmas Wrap. I snatched up some roving from YarnChef and found some wonderful grey yarn in my stash from my late Grandma Snooks’ stash. These took just under a week to knit and would have gone faster if I hadn’t lost an entire day to naps due to sleep deprivation. 😉 My sister was quite happy to receive them on Christmas and my mom was impressed with their construction. 😉 Ahh, the knits, they look so complicated but are quite simple to make. 😀

One Thrummed Mitten

Description: Thrum Mittens
Pattern: Thrummed Mittens by Jennifer L. Appleby from Interweave Knits Winter 2006
Yarn used: 1.28 skeins of Brunswick Regal Colorway 5463 (55% wool, 45% Orlon Acrylic) 50 g / 110 yds and about 1.5 oz of Rainbow roving from YarnChef.
Care Instructions: Machine wash
Needle Size: US 7
Modifications: I forgot to cast on and knit the ribbing with a size smaller needle and once I realized it I didn’t feel like ripping back and recasting on so I just went with it. 🙂
Finished Size: Ladies Adult Size
Date Started: 12/18/2008
Date Completed: 12/24/2008
Notes: I highly recommend making your thrums first and then knitting the mittens. I did about two pattern rows making the thrums as I went to get a feel for it but then I made up all the thrums for the rest of the mittens. 🙂

Inside/Outside Thrummed Mittens

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