I have been asked numerous times over the weekend to list off what I would like for Christmas. My blessings being what they are I don’t really *want* for anything. I finally compiled a list of cool knitterly tools to send to the boy so that perhaps he can reference that when he is scheming up ideas. I have listed it below. Perhaps it will give you ideas. Can you think of any others?

In non Knitterly items I would like a skillet that is about 10″ in diameter and would go both on the stove and in the oven – cast iron comes to mind. I would also like a fireplace tool set. I am not s’pose to buy one but leave it out there for someone to get us for Christmas. 🙂

Is there anything else I should be asking for?

Note: I already have a ball winder and swift. Also of note, are the links to my Amazon wish list and Loopy Ewe Wishlist in the sidebar.

Clogs – to keep the toesies warm when getting the mail. I would like to see if they still sell them with flannel linings and probably in a brown. (7)

Knitter’s Blocks – for drying blocked items on. 18 blocks would give more surface area to work with/on.

Signature Needles – these are made at a machine shop and I am sure you could totally get behind their story. 🙂

Addi Click
–  This link is to a shop that sells them. For some reason they aren’t showing on the manufacturer’s website anymore. I find that suspect, since I heard they weren’t in full production yet because they were going to fix something.

Ashford Turkish Drop Spindle – this is the spindle I currently have. I wouldn’t mind a second one so that I could have more than one spinning project going on at once. Especially since drop spindling takes longer than spinning with a spinning wheel.

Blocking wires
– these are used when blocking shawls and other such larger objects. It makes the side a little more straight than with me just pulling it wide and sticking a pin in it. (these are just two types, they sell them all over the place)

Wooly Board – this thing is just cool. It’s simply designed to make drying sweaters a faster task

Sock blockers
– you know what these are for and yes I have been too lazy to make them. Maybe I need inspiration.

Yarn meter
– this is cool because you can use it to count off how march yarn you are winding off the skein. I have heard that you can find it cheaper in fishing shops.

Fibre samplers
– sets of different fibres to try out spinning. Kind of a neat idea for learning what type of fibre you like best. Kind of moot if I don’t spin quickly or have more than one spindle. 😉

Niddy Noddy – You saw me make one of these out of the plastic legs from that shelf. This would totally come in handy for dyeing yarn, spinning yarn and with some crazy skeins of yarn.

Down the road I think it would be pretty cool to get a spinning wheel and some Wool Combs/Carders (these are used when working with spinning fibre.) I still need to do more research into this area. Probaby starting here.

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