Rock the Vote

For all my fellow Americans, go vote today, unless you already have. 🙂

I used my telecommuting ways to my advantage today and hit the polls around 930am. There were more people than I expected but it was completely manageable. My polling place is a local elementary school rather close to my home. They had 10 electronic booths and a table for filling out paper ballots. I learned afterward that our Secretary of State mandated the paper ballots be available to help with the lines. I opted to go for the electronic booths even though it was no waiting for the paper ballots because this is the first time (please don’t hate me) that I have finally rocked the vote. In 2000 I was a freshman in college and I filled out my absentee ballot and then promptly forgot to send it in. In 2004 I had just moved to a new state and wasn’t sure about navigating changing my registration and I was starting a new job and . and . and. You get the picture.

So the electronic booth it was for me. Before I headed to the polls I wrote out all the people I had chosen to vote for because there was no way I was going to remember all of their names. I also wrote out which way I intended to vote on our state issues. I had 21 issues and people to vote on today, which does not include the uncontested elections. This made it super easy for me to fill out my ballot as I just went down my list.

My voting experience was not in fact as the Simpsons would have you believe. Any vote for a presidential candidate did not result in a vote for John McCain. Sorry Simpsons creators, you’re funny a fair amount of the time but your stunt on Sunday rather irritated me. Ohio is not some backward hicksville, (ignore the fact that Hicksville, OH exists and that one of my former colleagues lived there) state where everything is rigged to come out “red”. In fact the votes for the two ladies running on the Green Party ticket counted.

After I got my sticker I headed out to the car, without any baked goods. I was kind of sad about that as I was looking forward to supporting the local PTA and eating some yummy baked goods. They decided to close the area schools today for safety concerns. Mixed in there was also the anticipation of larger than normal voting crowds. All in all it took me just over 30 minutes door to door and I managed to get a couple rows in on a sock. I think I will use this method in the future.

Now to see what all I can collect from area businesses for showing my sticker.

And for tonight’s fun, if I choose to watch election returns after knit night I think I may color in this map or knit some more. 🙂

Oh and for those who want to see the kids’ vote. Check this out.

If you are still reading this, what are you waiting for? Go rock the vote!

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