PSA – Home repairs

If you wake up and one of your appliances is making a weird noise that’s making your lights dim, figure out which appliance is causing it and remove the power to that appliance. If you figure out which appliance is the perpetrator and your father or other loved one tells you to call the company to get it fixed, don’t drag your feet because the other homeowner is absent. Especially if after restoring power to that appliance the weird noises start again. And even more so when the appliance in question has the hot electrical smell, you know that bad smell, the one that is never a good sign.

Also, if you buy a home (in Ohio, I can’t speak for other states) and for whatever weird reason the seller doesn’t pay for your home warranty, pay the $399 for one through HomeGard. A $100 deductible will get you a service technician to visit and make all repairs. Quite worth it when your start thermistor, contact panel and capacitor are burnt up in your outdoor a/c unit. At least that’s what I read in a book somewhere. It totally didn’t happen to me, …this morning.

Boy, will I have a fun tale for the boy when I pick him up from the airport tomorrow night. Did I mention he’s been in Japan since last Sunday? So has my camera. More pics and updates once they both return. 🙂

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