Tuna Steaks

One of the requirements for traveling to New England is to bring back fresh seafood. My amusing cousins kept trying to tell us that lobster is fresher on Wednesdays so we wouldn’t leave Tuesday evening. Before we split we went to Schermerhorn’s and Donut Dip to pick up seafood and donuts respectively to bring home. The donuts were for the boy because we missed the Pumpkin Festival on Saturday and when my aunt Millie mentioned that Donut Dip had pumpkin donuts I said we had to go. At Schermerhorn’s I got 2 live lobsters, 2 tuna steaks and 2 stuffed clams for the boy and I to try. My mom took home 4 live lobster for her household.

Tonight the boy and I whipped up the tuna steaks from a recipe I have been wanting to try. The trouble with living in Central Ohio is that I wasn’t sure where to go to get fresh tuna steaks and I wasn’t really willing to risk our health by getting not so fresh fish. The tuna cooked up wonderfully and has been added to our “to make again list.”

The boy pan searing the tuna steaks.

Tuna steak rare to medium rare

This just looks so scrumptious to me.

After making the tuna we decided to partially cook the lobsters so that we wouldn’t have to find a place for them to live until we are ready to cook with them on Friday. We found instructions online and nervously went about placing them in the pot. Thankfully there was no screaming.

The lobsters hanging in the cooler.

Alas, one lobster did try to get away and squirmed out of the tong’s grasp landing on our stove. We managed to wrestle him into the pot though. Now they are relaxing in the refrigerator until I can make the lobster chowder and lobster tail on Friday. Mmmm. The stuffed clams will be tomorrow’s dinner.  We have to get all this fresh seafood eaten up before the boy leaves for Japan on Sunday. (Anyone else jealous that he gets to go to Japan?)

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