Sweet and Sour

My mother and I drove to Massachusetts yesterday. I am very happy to be here and to visit this side of the family. Sadly we are here because my dear great Aunt Rose departed this world last week. We are holding the wake tonight and the funeral tomorrow. She was a wonderful woman and I dearly love her.The bright spots to the wake are being able to see my extended family whom I haven’t seen in a couple of years and it just so happens the great aunt and uncle I am staying with live less than 30 minutes from WEBS.

So my aunt Millie, mother and I trekked up there this morning. We had a grand time wandering around looking at the different kinds of yarns. Aunt Millie fell in love with some of the alpaca merino yarns and their wonderful softnesss. I found the spinning stuff but didn’t see any Turkish spindles. I did however find located near the spinning items a lonesome Namaste Executive bag. I had been contemplating buying this bag for a little while but I wanted to see it in person first. Of course they then discontinued it and I had given up hope of ever finding another. After carrying it around for the rest of our shopping trip I deemed it acceptable for purchase and bought it. 🙂

Namaste Executive Bag in Rust

Plenty large for my knitting.

There is room for my laptop in here. Finally a carry on that will hold the laptop and my knitting together.

I am off now to go visit the woman who taught me to knit. My mom and aunt Millie can’t wait to show her what she has created. 🙂 It really is nice to have your own cheering squad.

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