Eye Candy Friday – Housewarming Doily

During the quiet months of the summer (quiet? ha!) when I wasn’t blogging because of all the traveling I was doing a wonderful package arrived. KathyInGeorgia crocheted me a beautiful doily as a housewarming gift. The boy was very excited when it arrived (as was I) and quickly set about to figure out where it’s final resting spot would be. The table we initially put it on won’t suffice because no one will see it there. It will most likely live in the formal living room – which seems to be where all of our pretty stuff is! In fact I will make it my goal this weekend to give it a final home. But for you today I have pictures of this beautiful doily and for Kathy I have a giant THANK YOU. 🙂 I apologize in being so tardy in posting this.

Trying to show off the motif

Full shot of the doily

Thank you Kathy! This is absolutely gorgeous. 🙂

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