I am super de duper excited for autumn to be here. You may or may not have noticed that I was very very busy this summer with business and personal travel and weddings and other people’s babies being born. 🙂 October is the month where I have only one scheduled activity. Once I realized there was only one event on the calendar I put out a cease and desist order to the boy and now we have a month with nothing on the calendar (except for a yarn dyeing party at our house this Saturday!) and it’s going to be bliss. There are lots of little things around the house I have been wanting to work on and some unpacking I would like to finish. The change in seasons has oddly made it easier for me to get up in the morning, or perhaps that can be more directly correlated with going to bed before midnight. At any rate I have been productive and am hoping to continue that streak in the coming month. I hope you all have a wonderful autumn and I will have some FO and other updates soon!

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