Wool Gathering 08

Mama don’t let your children grow up to be spinners…

I went to Wool Gathering 2008 yesterday and had a grand time. More on that later. But first this most amusing/disturbing news…

I went to Wool Gathering, met up with my friend MysticSpiral who helped kick me into gear again on my spinning. She ever so patiently moved my spinning over to my new spindle (if something about 9 months old counts as new…) and I was off like a prom dress. [oh lord did I just say that?] For your viewing pleasure – the new spinning chair the boy made for me when I said I need to sit somewhere else to spin:

I wanted something with a little height so I could spin longer before winding the yarn back onto the spindle. It’s awesome isn’t it? (I’ve heard a rumour that there is a 12 step program for this…)

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