Wii Fit

We finally snagged one yesterday. We were on the other end of town returning the boy’s tux from Saturday’s wedding (his friends’ wedding) and I wandered into the Game Stop next door to ask if they had any because I do this every single time I pass a Game Stop, to no avail I might add. The boy wandered over and found me assumed I was wasting my time and wandered around the store. But there behind the cashiers was a Wii Fit box (in fact 2 or 3 of them) without the big black prices on them. So I squirmed in line until it was my turn and was like “do you have any?!?!” And then I bought one and handed it to the boy and said “Thanks for watching my brother while I was on vacation.” 🙂 He was speechless.

When we got home some number of hours later we unpacked it and hooked it up. We are both 3 yrs older than our real ages and in the 22 BMI range. When it had me set my goal I put it at 6 lbs in 2 weeks. The Wii board gave me a lot of flack about that being too fast for weight loss. I rolled my eyes and was like well since you were able to determine I was a girl you were able to express interest in me burning fat faster than my male counterpart why can’t you see that I might have a very good reason for easily dropping 4lbs in a week? 😀

The games are a lot of fun though. I thoroughly enjoy watching the boy who has poor balance work his way through an exercise until he does well. It would be great to see him really build some strength in his ankles. I am hoping to find a way to use the yoga routines to fill in for my lacking yoga practice. They do the poses a little differently than I am accustomed to but it’ll be good to work the exercises differently. The only drawback we have is that our basement ceiling is lower than either of us realized. I guess we hadn’t spent much time stretching our arms over our heads while standing since we moved in. 🙂

We played again tonight and I must say the really upsetting thing about dating a gamer is whenever you rock a certain game they always come up behind you and knock you out of first place. 🙁 I need to go spend more time on the hula hoop games. I mean I should clearly win based on form, he is all over the place when he hulas! 🙂

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