WIP – Liesl the long

I knew there were was going to be a good bit of car time while the boy and I were traveling to/from/around New York. I finished up a Christmas gift on our way to New York (well in the hotel that evening) and then I swatched for Liesl the long. I cast it on and then didn’t pull it out of the bag during a couple of our shorter car trips. I pulled it back out on our drives to and home from Canada. Then last night I worked on it at knit night and once I got home until I finished the body. All that I have left right now is the sleeves. It would be awesome if I could finish it tonight. It turns out that the sleeves are more finicky than I would have thought. I only have circular 7mm needles so I am having to magic loop the sleeves. Here’s a picture of my current progress.

PS – When knitting a sleeve, be sure to pick up the stitches on the correct side of the sleeve…unless you really want a purled sleeve with a stockinette body… don’t ask me how I know… 😀

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