Wedding Season

Wedding season is upon us. The boy and I will leave in an hour and a half to begin our drive NE to the Finger Lakes. His other cousin on his mom’s side is getting married tomorrow (yes on a Friday) in a castle out there and it’s gorgeous. Or at least it’s gorgeous in the pictures. 🙂 The awesome part about them getting married in the Finger Lakes on a Friday before a 3 day weekend is that we can turn this whole trip into a little mini vacation. Today we will meander our way up stopping to shop as we please (and to buy certain items to wear to the wedding) and tomorrow morning we plan to tour around the Finger Lakes a bit because the wedding isn’t until 5pm. That may also include a visit to the LYS in the town where the wedding is. Then on Saturday we are heading to a campground nearby to set up our home base. Then it’s off one of the many wine trails out there. The boy is working on becoming a wine snob, some may say he has the nose for it. 😉 I will play along but meh I don’t like wine (or beer) and I have decided that really it’s ok. No one needs more alcohol to consume anyway. 🙂 I will just stick with my liquor thankyouverymuch.

Then on Sunday because *somebody* has finally acquired a passport and because we can, we are headed to the Canadian side of the Niagara Falls. I found a lovely campground a few miles from the Falls and we can crash there Sunday night. Then it’s a brief jaunt home, stopping en route by my friend’s home to deliver her birthday present. Then back here so the boy can go play with his best friend on the only free day he has this week before his wedding Saturday. The main point though is that we *finally* get to go off and spend some time together, relax, have fun and celebrate in the happy couples’ day. 🙂 Now I better get going and finish wrapping their present. 😉

PS – Whether there are pictures and updates while I am gone depends on how busy having fun and relaxing we are. 😀 It also depends on if I buy a card reader for the lapple since the camera refuses to talk to any of my computers anymore.

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