Ravelympics08 – Quick Hit #14

Last night while visiting my sister and her daughter in the hospital I finished knitting my Liesl. I can’t believe it only took me two days of actual knitting to make this. It’s lovely and I may make another in the future. Partly because I am a child of the 80s and I totally love “Choose your own adventure” books and that’s what this sweater reminds me of. After we got home from the hospital I wove in the ends. All that is left now is blocking to open up the lace. Look for an FO post tom’w or Monday. I am super excited to have successfully completed two projects for Ravelympics. I really thought I was going to be pushing it to finish just the scarf. 🙂 Of course now this means no more excuses about items taking forever, if I just spend 3 hrs knitting a day I can finish anything quickly! 😀

For now I am off to visit my grandmother for the weekend. Tschus .

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