Ravelympics 08 – Quick Hit #13

While I was in Colorado last week I cast on Liesl at the Fancy Tiger knit night. I knit a few more rows Sunday in the car with my mom and then a few more Wednesday in the car with the boy. As we approached our destination I realized something was wrong so I ripped it out. Recast it on and knit a few more rows. This morning I realized that I had borked the button hole and was off by a stitch so I ripped it out again, recast on and it’s been fairly smooth sailing. If you don’t count the three tinked rows because 1. I dropped a stitch but found it and picked it up, 2. can’t read a pattern and 3. I was too busy chatting at knit night and not paying a bit of attention to my knitting. All of those problems solved I am now ready to start the arms. Wish me luck! 🙂

End of day – yoke complete. I have until Sunday 11 am to get this finished. Can I make it?

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