Ravelympics 08 – Quick Hit #9

This morning I started off with a little bit more stupid knitting. However, the airlines did not fail me and yet again provided me with extra knitting time – some folks might call it a “mechanical delay”. I knit at least one repeat waiting on my flight and maybe another 3 (?) in air. I had intended to knit up the rest of the ball of yarn I had with me but instead it mocked me leaving about another repeat’s worth of yarn as I landed.

My dad picked me up at the airport since the boy is at the Michigan race this weekend. I hung out with my parents and brother for a bit. Once they dropped me off I went to the man cave to knit and watch some TV. The boy has clearly done nothing but watch the Olympics all week because as I turned on the TV it was already tuned to NBC (not BBC or G4TV or Spike or any of the usual channels). I decided to leave it on and I was treated to watching the end of the women’s marathon, the women’s medley, the men’s medley and the men’s 100m dash. I may have gotten into the speed of the men’s medley so much that I swear I was knitting faster. 😉 It was very exciting and very cool to watch Olympic and world history being made. Phelps’ performance is phenomenal AND might I add that boy “Lightning” sure does run fast! I suppose this is why they are competing in the Olympics and I am not. 🙂

End of day – 5 repeats. 22 repeats total. Original goal was 23 repeats. One more repeat tom’w a quick spin on the model, binding off if the length is good and my first Ravelympics project will be completed. 🙂 Huzzah!

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