Ravelympics 08 – Quick Hit #8

Today was the last day of training. We had an open lab so that the class participants could come in and practice the things they learned and get additional help if there was something else they wanted to try. Overall our class went well and I like Denver, except for their crazy ass weather. Today we were greeted with temperatures in the 40s F!!! Then it proceed to rain all day and not get any warmer than the 50s F. I swear the next time I come I am bringing clothes for every season. I bet if I show up in March expecting to ski or be cold it will end up being 70F. πŸ™‚ Ahh well. This afternoon I struggled slightly to finish my knitting, only because the internet was acting up again AND it was raining and I really just wanted to curl up and go to sleep. πŸ™‚ I got my knitting done and I bought another piece for my quilt. Alas, it is a t-shirt quilt and the t-shirt I bought is cute. So I don’t think I will be cutting this one up anytime soon. I still need two more squares before I can really finish it anyway so that’s ok. πŸ™‚ I will wear it until I get the other ones.

End of day – 2 repeats. Total repeats – 17, still ahead of the game and for those who are curious I am around 43″ long. I think the end game is 60″ we shall see when I get it home and can try it on the model.

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