Ravelympics 08 – Quick Hit #7

I must have taken my stupid knitting pills today. I had finally gotten on a roll with the pattern in this scarf when I had to rip out!!! 2 or 3 rows today and I kept doing silly things like crossing my cables wrong. Ah well. I had hoped to knit a smidgen more on Liesl at knit night tonight but that didn’t happen. At least I achieved my daily assignment of knitting on the scarf AND I got to check out a new to me yarn shop Posh – A yarn boutique. Let me tell you if you live around Denver and you do not go to Thursday Stitch Therapy at Posh, you are missing out. On top of that she has pretty yarns – that I may have bought…but really, the yarn tried to go into my bag before it was even purchased. So now I think I know what folks mean when they say the yarn followed them home. 🙂 Here’s to no more stupid knitting 😀

End of day – 2 repeats. Total repeats = 15, still ahead of the game.

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