Ravelympics 08 – Quick Hit 5

Today I woke up and didn’t knit. I did some work tasks for folks back East. Then I dashed out the door with my shirt buttoned wrong (I was off by a button) and headed off to training. We had an hour for lunch again today so I accomplished .5 a repeat on my lunch break. Then we finished a little early today and I was able to finish another repeat before dinner. After dinner I took off and went to Fancy Tiger to knit and hang out at craft night. I knit on my scarf until I ran out of yarn. Then I pulled out my other knitting project and cast-on for Liesl. I knit four rows there and then headed back to the motel. Now I am trying to stay awake and get this update. out. Have a great day and g’night.

End of day – 3 repeats. 11 repeats total. Just a little above target. 🙂 Hopefully I can keep this up. Then perhaps I will be through two balls when I return home.

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