Ravelympics 08 – Quick Hit 4

I woke up early this morning and began knitting. I was trying to finish the .5 repeat I needed to bring me to 6 repeats for 3 days. I got it done and  started on another repeat but then dashed out the door to go to my training. 🙂

During my lunch break that was just slightly over an hour I worked on my knitting and had myself somewhere around 6.5 repeats. Because my day started so early I was done fairly early in the day with work. I went back to the hotel to check on  Raverly for the addresses of the shops I went to two times ago when I was here and then headed out to knit at Lambshoppe for the evening. As usual the ladies at the shop were very helpful and friendly. There was a large table of regulars knitting so I joined them. Many of them were working on some Celtic socks by Cabin Fever which are similar to my Celtic cabled scarf.  I may have to try out those socks for myself sometime. One lady was knitting a sock out of possum. It was gorgeous and soft. I may have to try and find that fiber sometime. I comfortably finished the 1.5 repeats I needed and then I perused the shop for some goodies. It was a good day.

End of day – 2.5 repeats. Total repeats 8. Back on target. 🙂

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