Ravelympics 08 – Quick Hit 3

Today I woke up feeling under the weather. Started to do the last bit of work I needed done for my colleagues before I head out to Denver this evening. My computer blue screened, I got annoyed and went back to bed. Eventually i got up and finished the work but I have been dragging most of the day. I did watch the Olympics and relax with the boy but no knitting during that time frame. I just wasn’t feeling up to it.

Once the boy dropped me off at the airport I pulled the knitting out. I had to work on my allotment for yesterday and today so I wasn’t too overly upset when they issued a ground stop and told our flight we couldn’t leave for Denver (a 3 hr flight) because there were currently strong thunderstorms in Denver. After around a 45 minute delay (45 extra minutes of knitting) we took off and were on our way. Of course then when we landed in Denver we couldn’t get to our gate because of the “traffic jam” and someone else was in our gate. After another 15-20 minutes of extra knitting time I got to the gate and made it off the plane. I think I accomplished 2.5 repeats on the plane.

My colleague picked me up at the airport and we were then off to the motel. Yeah, motel. It smells weird. Anyway once in my room I knit another repeat (and ripped some work and reknit – I need to stop doing that).Now I must force myself to bed. I do need to be at least somewhat rested for my training in the morning.

End of day – 3.5 repeats completed. 5.5 repeats total.

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