Ravelympics 08 – Quick Hit 2

Not much knitting was completed today. I spent my early morning painting a mural on the local hospital (my handiwork is the bench if you know which hospital I am referring to – and the knitting influence that will turn up later in the mural.) Then I came home and did work for 2 hours. Then ran off for another round of quilting with the ladies. My t-shirt quilt is starting to come together. However I have 3 big empty spots that must be filled. So now I need three more shirts. I will pick one up in Denver this week and perhaps get one from Baltimore whenever I am in DC next.

I came home in the evening to get knitting done but I ended up spending around an hour on the phone with my great Aunt. It was so lovely to sit on my porch swing and just chat with her. I finally got into the knitting when the boy came home and we left to go out with a colleague of his. I took my knitting but we were at a bar watching a UFC fight and the Olympics. There was just no good place for me to set my knitting and the folks standing to our left were fall down drunk and obnoxious so I didn’t want to risk it.

End of day 2 – .5 repeat. What? Clearly I will be knitting a lot on the plane tom’w.

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