The boy and I traipsed out to the lake house this weekend. My parents have been inviting us down to see their new boat so we obliged and squeezed them into our busy busy summer schedule. (The summer of weddings and business travel attacks!) Saturday after eating a scrumptious breakfast at our favorite small town eatery we headed back to the cabin to get ready to go boating. Unfortunately the boat battery was dead so we distracted ourselves with things like billiards, knitting and reading while the battery charged. Then we got ready to head out in the boat. Here is the boy ready to go:

Alas, when we got to the dock the boat wouldn’t start. 🙁 We couldn’t get it to jump and so we had to go back to the cabin. We ate lunch and then went ahead and walked to the lake instead. It was a ton of fun just swimming and splashing around.

The overall trip was really great and relaxing. Hopefully we will be able to go back down in a couple of months and get out on the water in the new boat. 🙂

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