I finished seaming two things this weekend. I seamed my minimalist cardigan (action shots to come!) and that surprise I knitted last weekend. We also painted the closet, hung the shelves, put everything back in the closets, got the lawn mowed and a sundry of other tasks around the house. I began knitting the hemlock ring but somewhere I lost a stitch so I lost about 4.5 hrs of knitting time tinking back to find the lost stitch and then the re-knitting I will have to do tom’w morning. I want to have this knit up to the chart so all I have to take on the plane is the chart.

Tomorrow I am off to Utah for a family vacation. The blog will most likely be updated when I get back as there is a distinct lack of communication between my camera and the mac. (and any other computer that doesn’t have a memory card slot built in.) If any one knows how to fix this problem I would be much obliged. (Basically the cable doesn’t work, or rather when using the cable none of the computers – pc or mac – recognize the camera. Oh and I have multiple cables that don’t work, not just one. And this problem happened with my old camera too, the one that TSA stole.)

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