Ravelry Knit Night

The Ravelry team arrived in town today for TNNA and guess whom they decided to grace with their presence?

Me! and the rest of the Clintonville Knit gang. I knew they were coming as of Wednesday and decided to keep it as a surprise for everyone else. (Well, I told one person so I could get assistance saving seats at the restaurant.) The funny thing is, even though no one *knew* all the regulars decided to show up so we had about 15 people in attendance! 🙂 That’s a bit larger than our normal crowd but not too overwhelming. Mary-Heather, Jess and Casey arrived about 45 minutes into our knit night. There were some folks who were quite surprised! We had a grand time just sitting, knitting, drinking beer (well not me, I don’t do beer) and eating. They brought along some buttons and stickers that were passed around. I also got to see the new tri-fold handouts for advertising.

The boy rolled in after his happy hour was over to hang out for a little bit as well. He took pictures with other folks’ cameras because silly me remembered my camera but not my memory card. Alas, I do not have my own pictures. Perhaps once everyone returns home from their travels I will be able to swipe pictures from other people. For now you get text. 🙂

Oh and I started seaming my sweater. I must have it done before I go on vacation because it could be cold!

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