Bike night errands and first times

Tonight was bike night and as usual we were headed over to the local meet up. However for a fun twist I decided we could run all of those errands we had to do (*I* had to do) that could be done from the bike. First we pulled up at the library for me to return an over due book (bad littlewit!) then we headed over to the bank. I was unaware that the tellers were still there and I only had one check to deposit so we pulled into the ATM. I probably should have endorsed my check before we got there but I still would have had to fill out the deposit envelope. It’s a good thing the boy’s jacket has armor in it, as it gave me a firm surface to write on. Also, did you know it’s rather tricky to lick an envelope with a helmet on? Well it is. You can file that nubbin away for future reference. The whole time we were at the ATM there was a car next to us with a little boy (young toddler?) whose mouth was agape at the bike. Also, the tellers in the bank seemed to be very amused by us. I of course missed all of this as I was focused on the task at hand but the boy saw it all.

Then we headed to the Sprint store so that I could get my new work phone updated with all my contacts from the old work phone. The guy working there also seemed to be amused by this couple strolling in with all their gear on to get a phone updated. Our next stop was across the street at Sears to pay a bill. Cause you know paying your first Sears bill is another milestone into adulthood. The cashier was visibly amused but quite helpful. 🙂 As we left Sears there was a car in the parking lot with a little boy watching us so I waved to him and he waved back. Then the boy revved his engine for a little extra treat.

Our last stop before getting to the meet up was Jimmy John’s for some yummy dinner and yeah…the folks there know me and my order now. I swear I haven’t been there more than five times since we moved but perhaps I keep going during the same person’s shift. That’s my story and I am sticking to it.

At bike night we met up with a friend of a friend and looked at all the pretty bikes and some of the ridiculous drivers. While it was still light out I requested that we leave to head home. I had one last errand to run – to the post office! – so we went to complete that task. When I dismounted at the PO I said that I wanted to drive. So the boy took me across the way to a more empty parking lot and turned over the bike. I did well considering I haven’t been on a bike as the driver since last July (07) and this bike is a 600cc sport touring and my last one was a 250cc dual sport (I think?). I planned to go as slowly with this one as I did in the class but it turned out that wasn’t necessary. I was comfortable putting my feet up and making turns (as long as I actually looked through the turn!) I even shifted into 2nd gear once but I need to work on that. The sun was starting to fade so we headed home but I will definitely take the bike out again soon.

Perhaps some day I will be able to get my own bike…now I am torn Honda Shadow or BMW? And what kind of BMW should I get?

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