Wedding Season is upon us

We are “that age” and this is our second summer of weddings, so let the fun begin. Saturday was the bachelor party for the boy’s best friend’s wedding. Friday night when they got together the boy proposed that whomever was late to the bachelor party would have to buy a round of shots. Can you guess who was half an hour late to the bachelor party? πŸ™‚ They had a grand time and I spent my night knitting away at the sleeves for my cardigan while immersing myself in HGTV. The sleeves are almost done, I just need to find the time to sit and finish them. HGTV also allowed me to finally determine how I want to paint the office when we get to that stage.

The boy will kill me but I received this awesome text from him at 2 am after I inquired as to whether he would be coming home and if he needed a ride (I was the very sober DD on standby for the fellas in case they needed one).

N m o t yet but i love and mirs u.

Now I mirs u is a wonderful inside joke y’all can be a part of. πŸ™‚ When he got home he informed me that some of his friends would be coming over on Sunday to watch movies. Come Sunday afternoon that changed to we’re going to go to the driving range and then come back to the house. I tagged along to the driving range and worked out the math for our new project for the house and then hit a few balls. After the 350 balls were gone we played a round of putt putt. My short game is dreadful however I did manage 3 holes in one (along with umm 3 or 4 holes where I got “mercy ruled”). Halfway through putt putt another friend straggled in and our numbers were up to 9.

We all went for ice cream at this fantastic local place that I had been meaning to take the boy to since we moved. Everyone quite enjoyed the ice cream and we were on our way back to the house. (The ice cream was my evil plan to tide them over until we could get dinner made.) The boy and I made 4 home made pizzas with help from a few friends and fed about 10 people total (2 more came and 2 left). Everyone was really awesome about pitching in and clean up when everyone was gone was a breeze because of it.

The evening was really good overall, they played mario kart, frisbee in the back yard, referred to the boy as “old man g” and then we ended the night sitting on the back porch chatting with friends and our neighbors who wandered over. πŸ™‚ Now to start figuring out wedding gifts…

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