Race for the Cure – Thunder Alley

Bright and early this morning the boy and I headed downtown to meet up with Servilia and Stanzi of Raverly for some motorcyclin’ fun. We weren’t entirely certain what we were getting ourselves into but we were certain it would be fun and I was ready to brave the high way from the back of the motorcycle (and lookie I made it home alive which means I didn’t die!). When we got close to downtown we saw a large group of Harleys and figured they must be our group, the boy made a quick and safe maneuver so that we could fall in line behind them. As we pulled up we quickly realized that we were in fact the only sport bike in attendance. We parked and looked around until I found Stanzi. Once we found Stanzi, we found the donuts and coffee. 🙂 The boy partook of the donuts and I chatted. Servilia soon surfaced and informed us that there was a spot next to her cruiser where we could park so the boy moved his bike. It appears that when he went to move his bike the Destroyers cheerleaders mocked him for his bike being out of place. “Shame on you” I say to them and perhaps I quick knock upside their head…clearly they have no sense if they are chastising folks for coming out to support a charity event in the wrong “gear.”

Because dear readers, that is what this was. The Race for the Cure is a 5k run/walk to raise money for breast cancer treatment. It was an incredibly moving event that 40000 people signed up for and participated in. The role of the motorcycles was that they lined us up with about .5 mile left in the race and all the bikers revved their engines, honked their horns, cheered and high-fived the participants encouraging them along their way. It was very touching and I had tears well up in my eyes when I realized that every single person who was walking in an official pink shirt was a breast cancer SURVIVOR. They had beaten it, or were in the process of beating it. It really was absolutely wonderful and I know the boy is psyched to go again next year. This was evidenced by the fact that he had me take a couple more shots of all the people so that he can post them to his motorcycle forum – you know for those crazy crotch rocket folks…maybe next year we can get a few more sport bikes to show up. 😉 This year they had 90 bikes! Break it down to 1 scooter, 1 sport bike a handful of Hondas/Suzukis and over 80 Harley Cruisers. It sure was a sight!

The boy’s bike with a pink ribbon and my sexy legs and helmet 😉

Stanzi cheering with the boy revving.


More cheering and revving on the left, on the right it’s all about high fives!

More high fives and then just look at all the people (and all the pink)!

This bike is a beautiful work of art as well as a moving tribute:

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