Denver Knitting – Fancy Tiger

Last night I found another knit night (rather a craft project night) in lovely Denver. This time I went to Fancy Tiger. It’s a great three story shop that caters to the fiber lovers and the fabric lovers. I wish I had taken the time to gawk over the fabric and patterns but yeah, my sewing machine is dusty and I owe Johnny Mustache some table runners…but you know I have at least 2 more trips out here this summer, so maybe then. 😉

When I arrived many folks were headed to the basement for a sewing class and I was directed upstairs to the gathering space for craft project night. I really like how their store is totally inclusive. Many of the folks there last night were knitting but one lady brought some sewing and others were discussing how crocheting a particular object would in fact be much easier. It really feels like anyone could wander in and be at home. I know I had a great time. I then wandered downstairs where I picked up some Eco Wool for a Hemlock Ring blanket and some Make Me Happy to round out the 2 balls I already have.

In other awesomeness, this shop is open on Sundays until 6pm. I was saddened when I wasn’t able to make it to the shop on Sunday due to my hour flight delay in Dallas. The knitting here in Denver has been great. I hope that I can make it out again the next time I am in town!

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