Magic couch

Yesterday we celebrated Mother’s day with my mom and the boy’s Grandma. I wasn’t going to be able to see my mother today because I was on a plane traveling to Denver. We introduced my parents’ and siblings to our new favorite place to eat around the corner from our house. They enjoyed it so all is good.

Then I went home and took a short nap and we headed for the boy’s grandparents home about an hour away. We got to hang out with his aunts and parents and we all ate a good meal using Grandma’s good china and linens. She was so happy to have everyone there, it was really nice.

We finally wandered home some time after 9pm and when we get home I headed immediately upstairs to start packing for my trip and the boy hit the basement to play Mario Kart (which he just acquired). A few minutes later my phone rang:

The boy: Want to come down and see the present your parents’ left us?

Me: What?

The boy: You know this couch I almost tripped over…

The couch he almost tripped over, we both walked straight past and didn’t even see when we came into the house. My parents delivered the 7′ couch they had offered us at lunch while we were gone. I love this couch, it’s big, brown and comfy. I took many naps on it growing up. Perhaps it’s legacy will continue. 🙂

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