Eye Candy Friday – Pumpkin

While I was at Maryland Sheep & Wool, I saw many lovely yarns. This particular lace weight shouted “HEY THERE GOOD LOOKING!” (I like it when they flatter me.) I returned in kind and picked it up and brought it home. The oranges are so vibrant and I absolutely love it. Now to pick out a shawl pattern to do it justice.

Name: C*EYE*BER Fiber by Mama E
Brand: Hand Dye for Cloverhill Yarn Shop
Weight: Lace / 2 ply
Yardage: 1780 yards (1628 meters)
Unit weight: 231 grams (8.15 ounces)
Fibers: Wool
Machine wash?:I don’t know.
Notes: There wasn’t much in the way of labels on this yarn. It just says 100% wool and gives a guesstimate on yardage. I added the yarn to Ravelry and I hope that someone can update the brand so I can find out more information. 🙂

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