Maryland Sheep and Wool 2008

Our trip to Maryland was a blast. The Ravelry Helpers were so much fun! Suzanne was a fantastic host. It was so great to get to see everyone, and put faces to the screen names I have been chatting with for almost a year now. The boy had a good time as well. It was even fortuitous enough to wake up and hear the Ravelry Helpers talking aboot how wonderful he is. we were lucky to get his big head back in the car to get home. 😉

At the Raverly party Saturday night the boy won Shear Spirit. He was quite excited! 🙂 I also spent a good chunk of time talking to Ron from Buffalo Gold. He and his wife are very nice and have a beautiful product. Someone at the party won 4 skeins! of buffalo gold which makes for a cool $400 grand prize. Some day, some day I will find some cash to buy a couple of skeins and make something pretty for myself or something soft for the the boy.

Sunday I started my shopping having been unimpressed by anything on Saturday. I think the real problem was that Saturday everything was way too crowded and busy for me to even see anything that I wanted. I bought some gorgeous orange lace weight from Clover Hill Yarn Shop specially dyed by Mama E. I also got 3 skeins of W4 Soft Touch W4 from Shelridge Farm. The boy lucked out too because we also found some yarn for his Berkshire Pullover – 6 skeins of Rowan Big Wool for $30 (it normally retails at $15/skein)! We still need to find one more skein in that colorway but really it shouldn’t be too hard to find. 🙂

Other excitement from Sunday included getting Shear Spirit signed by the photographer. We also spent an hour hanging out and chatting with Gord Lendrum of Lendrum Spinning Wheels. He is a very sweet and low key man. My friend Aimee‘s wheel and broken on her way up to MD. She found out he was there and would fix her wheel so we brought it back on Sunday. He fixed it in under a minute and then sat around talking to us. He and the boy ended up getting into a discussion about CNC routers and PLCs (if that’s greek to you, don’t worry, you are not in the minority!) As we were walking away it was cute because the boy was still trying to come up with ideas to solve Gord’s issue.

There will be more pictures later, but I need to make some sort of light box because I haven’t found a good spot for taking photos in the new house. For now, enjoy the pictures from the festival.

MH and I

The boy and I with the Raverly employees, Jess, Casey and MH!

The boy and Jess & Casey

Jess and Casey mingling, the boy mingling

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