Knit night and lots of wire

I ordered a switch and 100ft of ethernet cable from Newegg so that we can run a hard line into the boy’s computer in the basement. I would hate to deprive him of Naruto. 😉 It came today and the boy was quite happy to see it. He set off as soon as he got home planning how we were going to run this wire though the house and into the basement. We knew the previous owner had done it somehow and that’s all the more information we needed. He got into the attic space above the garage to find out we have even more storage available! We found a nice 6’x8′ area up there that can store anything that we don’t want easy access to. 🙂 I helped him get the wire from the office and into the attic space and then I left for knit night. He had it all finished when I got home. He is quite happy that he now has dedicated Internet to his computer.

I went to a new to me knit night tonight. It was a nice group with a different demographic from my usual Thursday night group. I worked on weaving in the ends of my niece’s sweater the entire time I was there. Holy cow, now I know exactly how many ends there are to weave in. I think on my next sweater I will try harder to weave in as I go. Lesson learned 🙂

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