The boy and I went and purchased ourselves some lovely antiques for our home. His mom works with a lady who knows a lady who is moving to another state and needed to unload some heirlooms. They have already been placed around our apartment and will be put to good use. Aren’t they lovely?

This first item is a lovely sewing chair, replete with a spring loaded drawer to store your bobbins in. Located next to it is a very lovely pie crust table that I had to put my dukes up to get. It was a highly contested item but I had the cash so I won. 😉

sewing chair and pie table

This is a shot of the drawer found on the right side of the chair.

sewing chair drawer

The third and final item is this very lovely cupboard. It is currently located in the bar and we aren’t quite sure what it’s purpose will be. All the same it’s very pretty! 🙂

pretty cupboard

A shot of the inside.


These items belonged to the lady’s grandmother which I think would but the original owner around the age of my great-grandmother. It’s wonderful how high quality items last.

And now a plea for money. I made the mistake of going into the Amish Furniture store in uptown today. If only I had a spare 20k I could buy all the beautiful furniture we would like to have to round out our home 🙂 Perhaps someday!

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